Is Structural Integration For You?

Are you...

Looking to reduce chronic pain?

Logging long hours in front of a computer?

An athlete striving for top performance?

Wanting to change how you feel in your body?

Wanting to unwind old postural patterns?

Then this work is for you!

What is structural integration?

Structural Integration Massage

In structural integration bodywork therapy we use slow, direct manipulation of the myofascial tissue to systematically work through the body, loosening restricted areas and restoring a sense of ease. Like a Rubik’s cube, all the parts of the body are interconnected. Turning the Rubik’s cube to align the red squares affects the alignment of the green squares, etc. Similarly, in structural integration bodywork therapy we work with the interrelationships in the body in order to bring a sense of balance, stability, and ease.

What you can expect in the 12-session series

We’ve often spent many years building our postural patterns. In a 12-session series of structural integration we have the tools and the time to fully unwind those long-held body patterns that are no longer serving you. The 12-session series is a system of work that gives your body the opportunity to realign with gravity from head to toe.

  • Structural integration bodywork uses slow, direct contact of the myofascia
  • You are our guide for the pace and depth of the work, so we are always working in your comfort zone
  • We’ll incorporate small movements during the sessions to re-educate the body in new patterns that last
  • Each of the 12 sessions will focus on different areas of the body
This is the gospel of Rolfing [structural integration]: When the body gets working appropriately, the force of gravity can flow through. Then, spontaneously, the body heals itself.

New Client 3-Session Series

[Three 90-minute sessions] - $375

Full Structural Integration Series

[12-session series includes eight 90-minute sessions and four 60 minute sessions]

Tune-up or follow-up work

[Single 90-minute session] - $125

[Single 60-minute session] - $85


Invest in yourself:

Don’t leave maintenance to just your car or house. Take care of your body!