Massage Therapy Can Give You More Energy This Holiday Season

Massage Therapy Can Give You More Energy This Holiday Season

It [structural integration massage therapy] is a physical method for producing better human functioning by aligning units of the body. Invariably, in matter, appropriate order is more economical of energy than disorder. Therefore, as man becomes aware of himself as a more patterned structure, he feels himself revitalized.” -Ida P. Rolf

We acquire structural patterns in the body simply through our everyday activities. After many repetitions of movements in the body, the body takes on that pattern. Often muscles adjust to hold these patterns, but these are not the optimal patterns of ease in the body. Holding these patterns all day (even when we’re not aware of them) takes work!

When we allow the body structure to resume a position of less work, we feel better. We might feel lighter or just generally more at ease. We may feel like we have more energy.

The holiday season can be especially full of activities, commitments, and to-do lists. It’s easy to overlook our own wellness in an effort to check off everything on our list.

Do you want to take care of yourself this holiday season so you have more energy?

Schedule time for yourself. Put that time on your to-do list too!
Put the activities that add energy to your batteries on your list, whether that’s a half hour of quiet time drinking your coffee in the morning, making time for that lunchtime yoga class, or time for a long walk with the dog in the evening.

When you schedule that time for yourself, consider getting a massage!

Structural integration massage can work with the structural patterns that we acquire and support the body in returning to a place of greater alignment. With greater alignment comes a feeling of more ease in the body and more energy for everything you want to spend time on during the holidays.

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