A Few Ideas to Keep Moving in the Winter

A Few Ideas to Keep Moving in the Winter

As winter drags on and early spring still presents some chilly weather, it can be hard to stay motivated to fit movement into our week. There are lots of ways that might work for you to keep a little movement on even the worst winter days.


Keep it Simple

You can always keep it simple. Take a walk around the neighborhood. Take the dog for a walk – he’ll thank you for it. Even a short walk around the block can help shake off the winter blahs.

Plan a Summer Movement Adventure

Winter is also a great time to start planning spring and summer movement adventures. Dreaming about an upcoming summer trip helps keep me motivated to train when the weather is still on the grey and chilly side. Plan a summer hiking or camping trip. Get out the maps for your dream hike or make a camping reservation at a park you want to visit. Many popular national and state parks fill up early for peak summer times. All that enthusiasm for future adventures helps get me outside and moving now.

Indoor Movement

One way that works for me to keep moving in the winter, is to move inside.


Yoga is great indoor movement! Although it won’t provide the same cardio benefits as going for a brisk walk, it provides an opportunity for training strength, increasing flexibility, and breathing fully.


Another great indoor movement is dance. There are lots of different kinds of dance out there from Zumba classes at the gym to various kinds of social dances (waltz, swing dances, salsa, etc.). Several years ago, my partner and I started learning lindy hop, one of the dances in the family of “swing” or jazz dances. I’m a big fan of jazz and swing music, so this has been such a fun way to keep moving in the winter months!

And when you’ve just had enough of winter and want to feel better in your body, schedule a massage!

Have a favorite way to keep movement in your life during the winter months? Share your idea in the comments.