Reconnect To Healthy Breathing

Christine Wiese Breath, Massage

How often do you give any thought to your breathing? How is your breathing? Do you know? Are you aware of it? Thankfully, we don’t have to be consciously aware of our breath on a moment-by-moment basis, because we can only survive for six minutes without breathing. Our breathing is an integral part of how we feel. Although we may …

Massage Therapy for More Energy

Massage Therapy Can Give You More Energy This Holiday Season

Christine Wiese Massage

“It [structural integration massage therapy] is a physical method for producing better human functioning by aligning units of the body. Invariably, in matter, appropriate order is more economical of energy than disorder. Therefore, as man becomes aware of himself as a more patterned structure, he feels himself revitalized.” -Ida P. Rolf We acquire structural patterns in the body simply through …

yoga and massage for hiking

Yoga and Massage for Hiking…Yoga and Massage in the Wild

Christine Wiese Ashatanga yoga, Massage

Nearly every summer my partner and I venture off into the woods for a backpacking trip. It’s a great way to experience the quiet and beauty of the outdoors. We appreciate the feeling of aliveness that we experience from full days of movement. The break from city lights and flurry quiets our nervous systems. And at the end of each …

postural patterns in cycling

Postural Patterns: Where Do They Come From?

Christine Wiese Massage

Where are your postural patterns? What do you notice about the postural patterns or patterns of structure in your body? Do you have one side that feels like the “dominant side”? We almost all do. Are you “right-handed” or “left-handed”? Do you prefer to kick a soccer ball with your right foot or your left foot? What about when you …

structural integration massage method

Structural Integration Massage Method: How Does it Work?

Christine Wiese Massage

In my last post, I deconstructed the “structure” in the structural integration massage method using the tensegrity model. Remember, one way to understand how we hold structure in space is by thinking of our skeletal system as the steel rods or beams in a structure like a bridge, and our soft tissue (muscles, fascia, etc.) as the cables strung between …

Find your structure again with structural integration massage

Structural Integration Massage: Why Get It?

Christine Wiese Massage

If you’re like me, you might consider massage a luxury.  You might think of it in the context of a day at the spa, a relaxing pampering activity.  And certainly, massage can promote relaxation.  What changed my mind about massage and re-categorized it for me as an important wellness activity was receiving the 10 structural integration massage sessions. What does …

The Movement Puzzle

The Movement Puzzle: What is it?

Christine Wiese Massage

The Movement Puzzle was born out of my love of movement. Movement is functional. It can also be blissful. We are embodied. Whatever our experience of our body is, we cannot choose not to have one. When it comes to my own body, I challenge it through movement. This feels good to me. It gives me a visceral experience of …