Staying Active Post-Pandemic

Staying Active Post-Pandemic

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Although the covid-19 pandemic is certainly not over, things are finally starting to move here in the US in some positive ways. The number of cases and hospitalizations are down and slowly folks are reentering aspects of life that have been on hold since March of 2020. While this is great for getting back to all those parts of life …

What's Happening When We Breathe?

What’s Happening When We Breathe?

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Of the ten structural integration massage sessions, the very first one is called the breathing session. This suggests the importance of breathing to all aspects of overall wellness. In this first session of structural integration massage therapy, we work with many of the muscles involved with breathing including the abdominals, the muscles of the chest, and even the diaphragm itself. …

Exercise for Staying Young

What Science Says About Exercise and Staying Young

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There’s a great article out in the New York Times at the moment highlighting some new research on the effects of regular exercise on aspects of aging. Specifically, they share findings on the effects of regular exercise on immune system function and muscle health. Inspiration While no one can predict the future, research suggests that there are things we can …

Winter Movement

A Few Ideas to Keep Moving in the Winter

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As winter drags on and early spring still presents some chilly weather, it can be hard to stay motivated to fit movement into our week. There are lots of ways that might work for you to keep a little movement on even the worst winter days.   Keep it Simple You can always keep it simple. Take a walk around …


Reconnect To Healthy Breathing

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How often do you give any thought to your breathing? How is your breathing? Do you know? Are you aware of it? Thankfully, we don’t have to be consciously aware of our breath on a moment-by-moment basis, because we can only survive for six minutes without breathing. Our breathing is an integral part of how we feel. Although we may …