Aches and Pains?
Feeling Stuck?
Energy Low?

Structural massage therapy can help you get moving and do what you love again!


Structural massage therapy can...

Reduce chronic aches and pain

Restore a sense of ease to your body

Help you feel more energized

About Christine


I’m a life-long, dedicated movement enthusiast. I’m an avid hiker, cyclist, dancer, and Ashtanga yoga practitioner. Inspired to learn more about the body and movement I completed the massage program at the Florida School of Massage ( in early 2016 to become a licensed massage therapist (LMBT, NC License #15593).

While studying massage I was especially intrigued with the myofascial massage methods which are rooted in Ida Rolf’s system of structural integration. I received the 10 structural integration massage therapy sessions while in massage school and was amazed at the change. Aches and pains from in my body were minimal and in their place was a much greater sense of ease.

Inspired by the significant change experienced by both myself and my clients, I committed to sharing this work and continuing to study in this modality. I’ve continued to study this method with the support of the teachers and through Tom Myers’ masterful program at Anatomy Trains (

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