Connective Tissue Therapy & Structural Integration

Connective tissue therapy is slow direct manipulation of the myofascial tissue, also called fascia. The intent of this massage modality is to free areas of the body where the tissue has gotten “sticky” and instead allow it to glide smoothly. Tissue can get stuck just from regular, every day, habitual movements. It can get sticky from any movement that we do repetitively, like our favorite sport, or simply things we do a lot of at work, like sitting in front of a computer. Tissue can also get stuck when we experience an injury and the resulting scar tissue. Freeing up the myofascial connective tissue works to dissolve the stuck areas and allow the body to move with the greater ease.

What is Fascia or Connective Tissue?

Connective tissue is the most abundant type of tissue in the body. Fascia, a specific type of connective tissue, wraps and connects all of our bodies’ muscles and organs. When we contact the fascia, we are affecting are whole body.

What is Structural Integration?

Structural integration is a way of working systematically through the body in ten individual massage sessions to give the whole body an opportunity to come into a comfortable and stable posture. The method of structural integration comes from work originated by bodyworker Ida Rolf. In the first seven sessions, we will focus on freeing the fascia in specific areas of the body. It the last three sessions, we will integrate this work in sessions designed specifically to address what you are experiencing in your body.

What do we do in these Massage Sessions?

In each session, I will use massage techniques to directly contact the body, slowly lengthening shortened areas and releasing areas that are in a chronically held state. This work gives the body the opportunity to unwind postural patterns that are not serving you and instead allows the body to come into a more stable posture with a greater sense of ease.  Each Connective Tissue session lasts about one-hour.

Massage Schedule & Costs

Massage appointments are available Monday – Friday, 10am-4pm at 853 Merrimon Ave.—a 15 minute drive from downtown Asheville

To schedule a massage session, please contact me directly by email.

Cost of Services

  • Single 60-minute massage session: $65
  • Single 90-minute massage session: $90
  • Structural Integration massage package (10 total sessions— three 90-minute sessions + seven 60-minute sessions): $660