About The Movement Puzzle

Christine Wiese is a life-long, dedicated movement enthusiast. She is an avid hiker, cyclist, and dancer. She first discovered yoga in 1994 when looking for a way to build strength. She began a dedicated Ashtanga practice in 2001. The practice quickly became a keystone in her life. She found that the Ashtanga practice was a powerful technique which used the laboratory of the body to lay fundamental healthy patterns which then rippled into all other areas of her life. The practice continues to fascinate and surprise her.

Her passion for the practice and for sharing it in the traditional way inspired her to begin to learn to teach this method in 2007. David Keil (yoganatomy.com) has been her primary teacher since 2006. She continues to practice with him several times a year, so that she always remains a student first. She was fortunate to make one trip to Mysore, India to practice with Sharath Rangaswamy in 2013.

In April 2016, she completed the 6-month program at the Florida School of Massage (http://floridaschoolofmassage.com/) to become a licensed massage therapist (LMBT, NC License #15593). While studying at Florida School of Massage, she became intrigued with the connective tissue massage modality which is rooted in Ida Rolf’s methods of structural integration. She found this systematic way of addressing postural patterns to be a perfect complement to the Ashtanga practice. Inspired by the significant change experienced by her clients, she committed to sharing this work and continuing to study in this modality.

At The Movement Puzzle we will engage with the body. I’ll provide you with tools and hold space for the possibility of change. Think of the body like a Rubik’s cube; all the parts are interconnected. Turning the Rubik’s cube to align the red squares affects the alignment of the green squares, the yellow squares, and the blue squares. Similarly, to bring a sense of balance, stability, and ease into the body, we need to work with the interrelationships in the body.

We’ll use the tools of Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga and the structural integration method of connective tissue massage therapy to systematically work with your postural patterns. The result is increased functional movement, whether that means completing a 100 mile bike ride or being able to pick up your grandchildren without pain.

We are interested in sharing practices with you that you can use for the long-term. If you want to change how you feel in your body and are willing to engage in the process over time, then these practices are for you!